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the witch is in.

Hello! I am Angela, the founder of this little online apothecary & earth medicine space.

I have a background in neuropsychology and clinical occupational therapy, both of which have paved the foundation for my current journey of becoming a medicine woman.

Through practicing the herbal arts, I have found my way back to Earth. It is so hard to feel embodied sometimes, especially during the ups and downs of this human experience. Plant medicine has helped me find equilibrium, but more importantly, an ecological sense of self.

Herbs are the natural healers of this Earth, helping us to slow down and remember who we are, helping us to find strength and flexibility through the shifting seasons, helping us ground in the chaos of a colonized world.

I am here to preserve the interrelationship between us & earth -- through everyday wellness, wilderness guiding, ancestral connection, academia, and this work.


So, how can I help?

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