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Here in California, the sun has reached peak intensity -- a cosmic invitation to be physically active and outward moving. So we cleaned up our kitchen and apothecary, temporarily put away our herbs, and packed out to the mountains. This is our first season of wilderness guiding in the High Sierras. It's been challenging, humbling, and so expansive all at once.


We are mostly working with youth and it's been really healing to connect these city kids back into their true (human) nature. It's a little bit of ecology education, some mindfulness activity slipped in, and a whole lotta mountain fun!

I still can't believe that I get to do this for a living. Just a little more than a year ago, I was slogging away in the industrialized healthcare model. I was so burned out that my physical form kept getting sick. I'm so glad that I took the trail less traveled. Being out here is so ancestral, and at the same time, amazing preventative wellness. If you're looking to shift your energy, we have some Wilderness Retreats available for adults. Hope to see you outside! Until then, check out some of our summer memories!


Angela Linghu, OTR/L

Camping Site in Mountains
Image by Will Africano
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