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Join us outside or online! Reconnect with the land, learn about her medicines, and receiving healing from nature. Whether you're breathing in the pine tree's beneficial phytoncides or intentionally grounding for an electron boost, you can never go wrong with being in the wild. We incorporate ancestral healing with grounded energetics in all of our classes! Our in-person workshops are based out of the San Gabriel Valley (Los Angeles) area. 


Image by David Sea


Juanita L, Seattle

They made everyone feel so warmly welcome from the beginning, packed all the equipment  we needed, and prefaced the hike with what to expect. During the hike, they pointed out many of the medicinal plants. We were also very lucky to experience a soundbath in the middle of the forest by Angela. After the soundbath, they gave us hot tea that they made using plants they collected, which was truly special. The entire experience was so grounding, educational, and most of all fun!

Eunice F, Los Angeles

I reached out for a private hike, as I tend to not enjoy crowds especially during the pandemic. It was an incredibly healing and educational experience. It takes a really special person to turn physical exercise into something so spiritual. I also appreciate Angela's background in healthcare, as she was able to approach my mental health from a holistic but sciencey perspective. Went out for wildcrafting, came back with a full heart. Thanks so much!

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