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AAPI Outdoors

June 1 - June 4

Lyell Canyon (Yosemite)

When we were growing up, our immigrant parents did not have the time or leisure to take us out to play in the wilderness. It's very expensive to get all the gear. It's nearly impossible to figure out permits. It just wasn't the focus for families in survival mode.

This is why we are offering 2 scholarships to our fellow brothers and sisters of the AAPI community. Between the two of us, we have a combined 22 years of experience trekking in the wilderness. We have fumbled with the permit system and made the outdoors mistakes, so that we be here now -- guiding others into the vastness and transformative healing of being in the wilderness. It is our hope to help rediversify the outdoors, but mostly we hope to connect you to your ancestral birthright of being One with nature.

If you are interested in learning to backpack, be more in tune with the wild, learn about ancestral herbalism and healing, then this is the scholarship for you.

Recipients will receive ______ to be applied to any of our wilderness trips.

Scholarships will be announced on March 31, 2022.

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